Thanks.  Yes, it is need for two reasons.  In 8.2 you can set
standard_conforming_strings to on, meaning \' is really treated as \ and
', and because some encodings now can't support \' for security reasons,
though I don't think tsearch2 supports those multibyte encodings. 
Anyway, applied to 8.2 only, not backpatched.  Thanks.


Teodor Sigaev wrote:
> > Patch isn't full, simple test (values are took from regression.diffs):
> > and try dump table and restore:
> > ERROR:  syntax error
> > CONTEXT:  COPY tt, line 5, column tq: "'1 ''2'"
> > 
> Attached cumulative patch fixes problem, but I have some doubts, is it really 
> needed?
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