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Victor B. Wagner wrote:
> This patch adds following functionality to PostgreSQL
> 1. If PostgreSQL is compiled with OpenSSL version 0.9.7 and above,
> both backend and libpq read site-wide OpenSSL configuration file as
> described in OPENSSL_config functon manual page. 
> This allows to use hardware crypto acceleration modules (engines) and,
> in future version 0.9.9 would allow to use additional cryptoalgorithms
> (i.e. national standards) which are not included in core OpenSSL.
> All other configuration parameters which are supported by OpenSSL
> library also are taken into account.
> 2. New configuration option "ssl_ciphers" is added to postgresql.conf.
> This option allows to change list of ciphers, acceptable by backend
> during SSL connection. Changing list of ciphers can be desirable to
> tighten or relax security of particular installation, and allows quick
> fix on configuration file level in case if vulnerability is discovered
> in one of cryptoalgorithms or their OpenSSL implementation - cipher
> suites which use such algorithm can be easily disabled.
> 3. If libpq compiled with OpenSSL 0.9.7 and above, compiled with engine
> support, it is possible to store secret key of client certificate on the
> hardware token, supported by one of OpenSSL engines (Hardware Security
> Module). Name of engine which supports token and engine-specific key ID
> are specifyed using environment variable PGSSLKEY.
> This allows use of hardware tokens such as smartcards to identify
> clients, connecting to database.
> This functionality can be used in installations with high security
> requirements or in situations where several people can use same terminal
> (such as cash register in shops or malls).
> If PostgreSQL is compiled with version of OpenSSL which do not support
> engines or doesn't have OPENSSL_config function, related functionality
> is excluded by preprocessor conditionals, based on value of 
> SSLEAY_VERSION_NUMBER preprocessor symbol which is defined by all
> versions of OpenSSL.

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