On Sep 5, 2006, at 10:14 , Bruce Momjian wrote:

Bruce Momjian wrote:
OK, updated patch. It will fix the >=24:00:00 case because it cascades
up if the remainder number of seconds is greater or equal to one day.
One open item is that it still might show >24 hours if the seconds
computation combined with the remaning seconds >24 hours. Not sure if
that should be handled or not.  If you fix that, you really are
cascading up because the resulting seconds might be less than the
computed value, e.g. result is 23:00:00, remainder is 02:00:00, cascade
up would be 1 day, 01:00:00.  I am unsure we want to do that.  Right
now, this will show 25:00:00.

Updated patch that uses TSROUND for partial month and days.  Michael
says the tests look good on his system.  I think we are done with this
bug.  :-)

Please find attached regression tests for this patch.

Michael Glaesemann
grzm seespotcode net

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