[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Tom Lane) writes:
> Chris Browne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Tom Lane) writes:
>>> No you don't --- see recent warthog complaint.  We have to filter LIBS
>>> down to just the minimum.
>> I'm at a loss, then.
>> - If LIBS is being filtered to the minimum, then shouldn't it be
>>   appropriate to add it in here?
> No, LIBS isn't filtered at all.  See my recent commit to sslinfo's
> Makefile --- I blew it just like this, you should learn from my mistake.

OK, the very same change as your recent change to
contrib/sslinfo/Makefile works out fine for contrib/dblink/Makefile.
That allows a buildfarm run to go through perfectly.

I suspect that both Makefiles also need to "filter in" -lgettext or
something similar; see bug #2608, which shows off much the same
problem surrounding NLS support.  (I'm happy to see that someone's
running xlC on AIX 5.3, by the way...  I should be getting a copy Real
Soon Now, but it may not be soon enough to be helpful :-( )
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