[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Tom Lane) wrote:
> "Albe Laurenz" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Here is a new patch that replaces the previous one; it adds two
>> macros LDAP_LIBS_FE and LDAP_LIBS_BE for frontend and backend,
>> respectively.
>> I did not only add them to the Makefile for interfaces/libpq,
>> but also everywhere something is linked against libpq in case
>> somebody links static.
> Applied, but without that last part.  It builds OK for me on Darwin,
> which is moderately picky about that sort of thing, but someone should
> try AIX.

I'd like to, but that has to take second place to Slony-I activity
next week; I'll see about putting that on my ToDo list.  (After SSL,
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