This patch fixes linking on AIX.

Relevant threads on psql-hackers:

Up to now, the default on AIX was to link statically.
This was not intended; it's just that AIX has different
ideas about shared libraries than Linux and nobody cared.

--enable-rpath was matched to the AIX equivalent.

I tested the patch on AIX 5.3 with gcc; it should also
work with IBM's cc. The patch is backward compatible until
AIX 4.3 at least, and I added a kludge to Makefile.shlib so
that it should also build something operational on AIX 3.2.5.

The change to
is not actually part of the patch, but without it building
fails if you configure --with-ldap --disable-shared

I tested building with --disable-shared and --enable-shared
(with --enable-rpath and --disable-rpath).

Laurenz Albe

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