Here's a patch that updates the msvc build system. It contains the
changes in Hiroshi-sans patch from about a week ago, so please apply
this patch instead to avoid conflicts. Changes summary:

* Change all references to vcbuild directory, since system was moved to
src\tools\msvc on commit.
* Supports building both Debug and Release binaries now (previously only
debug. debug still default). Difference is mainly in that release
binaries are optimized. Unfortunatly, full program optimization had to
be turned off - more on that later.
* Generate ecpg_config.h which is now generated by configure, and thus
needs to be generated for vc as well.
* Add LDAP library to libpq if used (required for
* Change build.bat to use unix line endings. To committer: please make
sure that the file ends up with all lines with unix line endings, in
case the patch gets mangled in some way.


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