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> I have UUID generation in core in my current implementation. In the
> last year that I've been using it, I have already chosen twice to
> generate UUIDs from my calling program. I find it faster, as it avoids
> have to call out to PostgreSQL twice. Once to generate the UUID, and
> once to insert the row using it. I have no strong need for UUID
> generation to be in core, and believe there does exist strong reasons
> not to. Performance is better when not in core. Portability of
> PostgreSQL is better when not in core. Ability to control how UUID is
> defined is better when not in control.
That's kinda short-sighted. You're assuming that the only place you'll
want to generate UUIDs is outside the database. What about a stored
procedure that's adding data to the database? How about populating a
table via a SELECT INTO? There's any number of cases where you'd want to
generate a UUID inside the database.

> The only thing an in-core version provides is convenience for those
> that do not have easy access to a UUID generation library. I don't
> care for that convenience.

It's not about access to a library, it's about how do you get to that
library from inside the database, which may not be very easy.

You may not care for that convenience, but I certainly would.
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