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Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I little bit enhanced overview catalog tables. I added two new columns. First one is OID of catalog table and second one contains attributes which determine if the table is bootstrap, with oid and global.

Why is this a good idea?  It seems like mere clutter.

I'm working on pg_upgrade and these information are important for me and I think that They should be interest some else. You can easy determine the file related to if you know the OID. Specially when database is shutdown is good to have some information source. If catalog table is global/share or local is very important and it is not mentioned anywhere. If it is created with oid or bootstrap it is not important for standard purpose, it is only for fullness.

I know that people who hacking postgres ten years know this, however it is internals chapter and for newbies it should be useful. And by the way it is documentation and this is completion of information. You can say why we have page layout there because it is described in the source code and so on...


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