Jeremy Drake wrote:
> I am open to suggestions.  I saw one suggestion that I use an 
> image of an elephant, but I suspect that was tongue-in-cheek. 
>  I am not very fond of the idea of generating repetitious 
> data, as I think it would be more difficult to determine 
> whether or not the loseek/tell functions put me in the right 
> place in the middle of the file.  Perhaps if there was a way 
> to generate deterministic pseudo-random data, that would work 
> (has to be deterministic so the diffs of the output come out 
> right).  Anyone have a good example of seeding a random 
> number generator and generating a bunch of bytea which is 
> deterministic cross-platform?

How about just using a mathmatical series, like Fibonacci? You can make
the file as big as you want from a trivial generator. If you store it as
space-separated ASCII ( 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 ... ), it should be
platform independent and you can compare any range of offsets that

Paul Bort

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