> > What's bugging me is that 0 and O_EXCL give the same answer, and 
> > O_TRUNC and O_TRUNC | O_EXCL give the same answer,
> This is ok, as (iirc) O_EXCL only has effect in the presence 
> of O_CREAT.

<snip more explanation>

Thanks, Claudio!

After looking at the code some more, and actually reading up on the
specs a bit more, it certainly does look like it's safe. So I don't
think we need to do anything about that.

Now, I still twist my head around the lines:
        if ((fd = _open_osfhandle((long) h, fileFlags & O_APPEND)) < 0
                (fileFlags & (O_TEXT | O_BINARY) && (_setmode(fd,
fileFlags & (O_TEXT | O_BINARY)) < 0)))

With the _setmode() call deep in the if statement... I would suggest we
split that up into a couple of lines to make it more readable - I'm sure
all compilers will easily optimise it into the same code anyway.


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