Guillaume Lelarge wrote:
> Guillaume Lelarge a ecrit le 12/10/2006 20:20:
> > Peter Eisentraut a écrit :
> >> We should also support a format for ISO day-of-the-year, which
> >> might be 'IDDD'.
> >
> > I will work tomorrow on this one.
> Don't we already have it ? It seems ISO day-of-the-year is between
> 001 and 366 in leap years. Isn't this the definition for DDD format ?
> if Im' right, I just need to add the IDDD pattern ?

The ISO 8601 day-of-the-year is aligned with the week-of-the-year.  It 
should be the case that day one of week one is also day one of the 

(As a particular example, day one of 2006 is January 2, 2006.)

Peter Eisentraut

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