Tom Lane wrote:
Attached is a draft patch for the WAL-and-freezing issues we've been
discussing.  This incorporates Heikki and Simon's work on providing
WAL-logging for tuple freezing actions and pg_clog truncation
respectively, and adds on several other things:

Looks good. Just a few notes:

The patch seems to make VACUUM FULL FREEZE combination valid again, which should be note in the docs.

This comment in vacuum.c:

 * If we froze any tuples, mark the buffer dirty, and write a WAL
 * record recording the changes.  We must log the changes to be
 * crash-safe if we truncate clog at conclusion of the vacuum.

is not accurate. As discussed earlier, a crash is a problem even if clog is not truncated by this vacuum, because relfrozenxid is updated anyway.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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