On Nov 16, 2006, at 3:10 PM, Neil Conway wrote:
Yes, this is a common problem for people upgrading from 7.2. I think the long-term fix is to change your queries: comparing an integer with '' is
not sensible. That is:

SELECT * FROM employee_table WHERE employee_id = 0;

is the right way to write that query.

As a temporary fix, I suppose you could hack pg_atoi() to treat an empty
string as zero (src/backend/utils/adt/numutils.c).

As a less invasive alternative, I *think* you could create an SQL function for casting text to int that treated '' as 0, and then replace the built-in CAST with that. You'd also need to make the cast implicit, which could cause other problems.

20k lines of code isn't all that much, though... you'll be much better off fixing it.
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