This one seems generally workable, but I really dislike the approach
that's been used for passing typmod arguments to the typmod_in function.
Representing them with an "internal" parameter means it'll be forever
impossible to write typmod functions in anything but C, which seems an
ugly restriction.  Perhaps an array of int4 would be better?  How much
I don't think that is a problem - I'll change that

flexibility do we really want to provide for typmod arguments?  Allowing
full "expr_list" in the grammar seems less than sane, considering the
result is still going to have to pack into 32 bits.
As I remember, I tried to use some thing else but, I've got a lot conflicts
        func_name '(' expr_list ')' Sconst

The patch needs more cleanup before applying, too, eg make comments
match code, get rid of unused keywords added to gram.y.

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