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> This patch removes double-quotes from around the listen_addresses=%s
part; I
> couldn't find a way of doing that. But then, the questions is, can the
> (hostname) have spaces embedded in it?

Yes, because it can be more than one hostname.

But the code in postmaster.c expects the list to be comma separated.

       if (!SplitIdentifierString(rawstring, ',', &elemlist))
           /* syntax error in list */
                    errmsg("invalid list syntax for

 Why do you want to
remove the quotes?

No, I didn't want to, but I was getting "FATAL:  the database system is
starting up" in the log if I surrounded that var=val with double-quotes.
Later I remedied that by attaching a -w option to the pg_ctl command.

PS: there wasn't any patch attached,

Please refer

but I doubt we'd have accepted it
anyway ...

Any particular reason?

A few minutes after the submission, after I read more code, I wouldn't have
either! I noticed (and Magnus also pointed it out) that we use the returned
PID to kill the postmaster if it doesn't respond. There's no easy way of
doing that if we use pg_ctl to start the postmaster! Let's wait for Magnus'
patch to make pg_regress independent of MinGW.

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