On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 16:41 -0200, Euler Taveira de Oliveira wrote:
> Simon Riggs wrote:
> > As discussed on -hackers, its possible to avoid writing any WAL at all
> > for COPY in these circumstances:
> > 
> Cool.
> > The enclosed patch implements this, as discussed. There is no user
> > interface to enable/disable, just as with CTAS and CREATE INDEX; no
> > docs, just code comments.
> > 
> IMHO, this deserves an GUC parameter (use_wal_in_copy?). Because a lot
> of people use COPY because it's faster than INSERT but expects that it
> will be in WAL. The default would be use_wal_in_copy = true.

That I don't think makes sense. A copy is an all or nothing option, if a
copy fails in the middle the whole thing is rolled back. 


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