on an Intel based Solaris 10U2 box using Sun Studio 11 with
-xarch=generic64 we get a compile time failure in contrib/pgcrypto
because BYTE_ORDER is not defined.

in src/include/port/solaris.h we define it to little endian only for
__i386 - however in 64bit mode the compiler only defines __amd64 causing
YTE_ORDER to be undefined.
The other option would be to use __x86 which is defined on all intel

attached is a quick hack to allow pgcrypto to compile on that platform.

--- /export/home/pgbuild/pgbuildfarm/HEAD/pgsql/src/include/port/solaris.h      
Thu Oct  5 00:49:44 2006
+++ src/include/port/solaris.h  Sun Jan  7 09:24:51 2007
@@ -5,6 +5,10 @@
  * symbols are defined on both GCC and Solaris CC, although GCC
  * doesn't document them.  The __xxx__ symbols are only on GCC.
+#if defined(__amd64) && !defined(__amd64__)
+#define __amd64__
 #if defined(__i386) && !defined(__i386__)
 #define __i386__
@@ -34,6 +38,9 @@
 #ifdef __i386__
 #define                 BYTE_ORDER              LITTLE_ENDIAN
+#ifdef __amd64__
+#define                 BYTE_ORDER              LITTLE_ENDIAN
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