SenTnel wrote:
> Hi !
> Tryed to install PostgreSQL 8.2 in a virtual dedicated win 2003 server, and
> ran into the installation problem you all know with initdb.
> I found this thread :
> , "[Patch] - Fix for bug #2558, InitDB failed to run on windows 2003 "  ,
> where dror bar posted a fix to the initdb problem. 
> My problem is that I have no clue on what to do with the patch. Im not a
> programmer or an expert, just someone who knows his ways around win server
> 2003 enviroment.   Please help me install this app.
> Thanks!

The proper fix is not to apply this patch, it is to fix the underlying
problem, which is that you have incorrect permissions on the NUL device.

You say it's a dedicated windows 2003 server, but I assume it's not
freshly installed. There are known third-party packages (including from
Microsoft themselves) that break the permissions on the NUL device.
Unfortunately, I've only seen the list of known such application under
NDA, so I can't tell you what applications are on it - though you can
get that from Microsoft if you have a support agreement.

There may be a workaround using subinacl to reset the permissions -
should be in the archives. The other fix is to uninstall the affected
application, or re-install the OS to get it clean.


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