On 1/5/07, Albert Cervera Areny <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Here's a new version that takes into account the SELECT INTO TEMP case. Thanks

ok. seems good to me...

What other temporary objects do you think should be considered?

sorry for the noise, seems i'm thinking on other dbms... i really
thought sequences use tablespaces but it seems i was wrong...

maybe once this patch is applied you can think on make indexes and
[temp] sequences on temp tables use the same temp_tablespace that
table is using...

Any other comments on the patch?

yes. there are 2 things missing:

the first one is put temp_tablespaces in postgresql.conf and/or making
it a per database parameter (i don't think it should be a per user

the second are docs... ;)

Jaime Casanova

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