Am Montag, 8. Januar 2007 05:10 schrieb Bruce Momjian:
> Here is a patch that runs the build twice when HTML.index does not
> exist, and once every time after that.  This is not ideal, but it is a
> start.

The problem is that this requires two runs even to proof the documentation,
which I think no one wants.

> !     # If HTML.index is zero length, create a dummy bookindex.sgml
> !     test -s HTML.index || $(COLLATEINDEX) -o $@ -N
> !     # If HTML.index is valid, create valid bookindex.sgml.  This 
> !     # is required so the output has a proper index.
> !     test ! -s HTML.index || $(COLLATEINDEX) -i 'bookindex' -o $@ $<

Please indent the comments properly so they don't appear in the output.

> ! HTML.index:
> !     test -f HTML.index || (touch HTML.index && $(MAKE) $(MAKECMDGOALS))

I think this is partially redundant.  If HTML.index exists, then this
rule will never be called.

> !     rm -f HTML.manifest *.html *.gif bookindex.skip

I don't see bookindex.skip mentioned anywhere else.  Left over from a
previous version?

Peter Eisentraut

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