Neil Conway wrote:
> Magnus Hagander wrote:
>> Attached is a simple README file (part from Dave P, if my memory is not
>> mistaken) for the vcbuild stuff. Please put in src/tools/msvc.
> No file attached, AFAICS.

Argh. You're right of course. Here it is.

This directory contains the tools required to build PostgreSQL using
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Note that PostgreSQL builds natively with Visual C++. You must there for
make sure that you do *NOT* have any tools from Cygwin or Mingw available
in the system PATH. Also, make sure you don't have any Cygwin/Mingw
environment variables "leaking" through.

First, edit to reflect what "configure options" you want set.

Then, to build all of PostgreSQL in debug configuration, run the simple
command from a Visual Studio Command Prompt (to get all environment
variables set correctly).

To build all of PostgreSQL in release configuration, run

To build just a single project, for example psql, run
build psql
build RELEASE psql

The following packages are used for the different config options:

pthreads - always required
Download from

flex & bison - required to build from CVS
Download from Note that you must not
use bison version 2.0. Use either version 1.875 or version 2.1 or newer.
For flex, use version 2.5.4.

perl - always rquired
Get ActiveState Perl from

python - required for pl/python
Get from

tcl - required for pl/tcl
Get ActiveState TCL from

openssl - required for SSL support
Get from, or build
from source from

zlib - required for compression support
Get from

Kerberos - required for Kerberos support
Get from

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