Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> +         A value of zero logs all temporary files, and positive
> +         values log only files whose size is equal or greater than
> +         the specified number of bytes.

Surely the measurement unit should be kbytes or disk blocks.  And why
aren't you using that GUC UNITS infrastructure Peter put in?

>               /* reset flag so that die() interrupt won't cause problems */
>               vfdP->fdstate &= ~FD_TEMPORARY;
> +             PG_TRACE1(temp__file__cleanup, vfdP->fileName);
> +             if (log_temp_files >= 0)
> +             {
> +                     if (stat(vfdP->fileName, &filestats) == 0)

The TRACE is in the wrong place no?  I thought it was going to be after
the stat() operation so it could pass the file size.

Also, I dunno much about DTrace, but I had the idea that you can't
simply throw a PG_TRACE macro into the source and think you are done
--- isn't there a file of probe declarations to add to?  Not to mention
the documentation of what probes exist.

                        regards, tom lane

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