Tom Lane wrote:
Dave Page <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
pg_dumpall -g  -- Dump roles and tablespaces per current behaviour
pg_dumpall -gr -- Dump roles only (or users and groups)
pg_dumpall -gt -- Dump tablespaces only

This seems a bit ugly, mainly because (1) it doesn't have a natural
translation to long-form switches, and (2) it screws up the usual
habit of merging multiple single-letter switches into one argument.
Perhaps something like


Not sure if there are free single-letter codes for the first two,
but on the whole I'm more interested in having sane long-form names
than sane short ones ...


I agree. In fact, as I understand the patch it would also allow "-g r" and "-g t", and that seems ugly too.

We don't have to have a short form for every long option - e.g. initdb has several like --no-locale for which there is no corresponding short form. I suggest we make the new options long form only, along the lines Tom suggests.



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