On 1/17/07, Doug Knight <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 I confirm that I am seeing the exact same characteristic. Could you post
your rotating script?

note: this is still  a work in progress, the crude but effective sleep
5 is due to be replaced with a lock/fifo and there catch_wal.sh needs
to be rewritten a bit.  truncate is a C one-liner I wrote which does a

*** primary: ***
archive_command = '/home/postgres/send_wal.sh %p %f'

*** send_wal.sh: ***

echo "archiving: $2" >> ~/send_wal.log
cat $1 <(echo "placeholder") <(echo $2) | nc $STANDBY 1234 && sleep 5

*** secondary: ***
restore_command = 'pg_standby -m -w0 -t/raid/pitr/kill /raid/pitr %f %p'

*** catch_wal.sh ***


rm -f $WALDIR/*.old
rm -f $WALDIR/*.older


while true;
 nc -l 1234 > $tmpfile || { echo "FATAL: nc listen failed"; exit 1; }
 chown postgres:postgres $tmpfile

 file_name=`tail -1 $tmpfile`
 ./truncate $tmpfile 16777216
 rm -f $WALDIR/*.older
 for i in `ls $WALDIR/*.old`; do mv $i $WALDIR/`basename $i .old`.older; done
 mv $tmpfile $WALDIR/$file_name.old
 cp --preserve=ownership $WALDIR/$file_name.old $WALDIR/$file_name
 echo "LOG: caught file: $file_name"

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