Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> > I tested it in a VPATH and a normal build, and regression test still
> > pass.  This is mostly Magnus' code: I merely stripped out the parts
> > unrelated to this change, and reworked the code a little.  So the
> > possible bugs are likely mine.
> Woops, it doesn't work in VPATH :-(  Sorry, I'll fix and resubmit.
> (It only worked before because the parallel test had created the files,
> and I failed to run "make clean" between runs).

It seems the problem was only that the makefile was neglecting to add
the --srcdir argument.  It was kind of annoying that it didn't show any
warning or anything; I spent quite some time trying to figure out what
was going wrong.  I think I'll add a check that if it detects less than,
say, 5 files, throw an error message and quit.

Other than that, if I don't see objections, I'll commit it later today.

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