Takayuki Tsunakawa wrote:
> From: "Bruce Momjian" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > Tom Lane wrote:
> >> Basically this whole idea is misconceived.  Just print the number
> and
> >> have done.
> >
> > And how do people interpret that number?
> I understand that "people" Bruce-san is saying means PostgreSQL
> developers, not ordinary users.
> When ordinary users encounter an Win32 exception, what they can do is
> to report the message and the description of phenomenon to PostgreSQL
> developers.  What can they do when they see the descriptive text of an
> exception code, such as "Access violation" for 0xC0000005?  An
> exception means a bug of PostgreSQL.  Win32 exceptions are different
> from errno on UNIX (counterpart of which is Win32 error code.)  Can
> they avoid the exception by changing PostgreSQL settings?  If luckly
> so in one case, can they think of the treatment from the message?
> If "people" means PostgreSQL developers, the descriptive text is not
> necessary either.  I think the developers who try to solve the bug
> know where to refer to interpret the exception code.
> My opinion is the same as Tom-san's.

Well, I am thinking of cases where we the error can help the user
diagnose the problem.  I have found a way to print descriptions with
FormatMessage(), and the codes without descriptions will just print as

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