Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Patch applied.  Thanks.
> Docs updated to mention Win32:
>         Write the output to the specified file.  This is particularly useful
>         on Windows because output redirection does not work for child
>         processes.

I didn't say that - I said that I couldn't redirect the output from the
child processes in pgAdmin which is a limitation of the way wxWidgets
works from what I can tell. It may (in fact, quite possibly does) apply
to *nix as well. pg_dumpall output can be redirected from a command
prompt on Windows without any problem.

The patch was proposed in this case because a) it gives pg_dumpall more
consistency with pg_dump allowing pgAdmin to use pg_duampall in the same
way it already uses pg_dump, and b) I have a vague chance of getting a
patch into pg_dumpall this century :-)

Regards, Dave.

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