I need an updated version of this to apply.  The suggested changes are
too extensive.


Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Attached patch gets rid of most of the remaining warnings on a VC++
> build. Summary is:
> * A bunch of places that had different const specifyer in the header and
>   in the body of the function. (contrib/intarray, src/timezone)
> * 1.2 and such constants are double and cause warning. Define as floats
>   (contrib/pg_trgm and contrib/tsearch2)
> * HAVE_STRERROR is defined by python, so only conditionally redefine it
>   in pg_config.h
> * NULL function pointer in SSL call cast to the correct pointer type
> * ssize_t is defined in pg_config_os.h, remove from libpq-int.h
> * Always skip warning 4102 ("label nnn: unreferenced label") caused by
>   bison.
> * Support for ignoring linker warnings, and ignore the warning about
>   PRIVATE on DllRegisterServer. Can't fix properly because PRIVATE is
>   not supported by mingw.

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