Gevik Babakhani wrote:
> Hereby the version 2.0 of the uuid datatype patch with modifications

If I may make some comments on style:

Put your file at the end of the OBJS variable (or in some sort of 
sensible order).

Put your file at the end of the tests (or in some sort of sensible 

Refrain from self-evident comments, such as

+ /*
+  * function handles input for the uuid datatype
+ */
+ Datum uuid_in(PG_FUNCTION_ARGS)

You can probably delete all comments in your patch by that criterion.

This sort of super-verbose coding might be alright, but it gets tiring 
when done systematically for no reason:

+       result = DirectFunctionCall1(textin, uuid_str);
+       return result;  

The uuid.c file claims it is uuid.h.

Move the stuff from builtins.h to uuid.h.

Move the stuff from uuid.h that is not needed anywhere else to uuid.c.

No // comments.

Don't number the tests.  We might want to insert something later and 
that would mess everything up.

Capitalize the SQL test scripts as in other files.

Remove gratuitous whitespace changes (there are many).

Also remove the whitespace at the end of lines.

Make some reasonable effort to align the catalog entries for 

Peter Eisentraut

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