Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > I had to change the draft flag for SGML from 'gmake draft html' to
> > 'gmake DRAFT=Y html'.  Internally the code used to recurse with
> > DRAFT=Y, but I found there is no way to exit the makefile after the
> > recursion returned,
> exit 0 ?

I tried that, but it did nothing.  Of course exit 1 works, but throws an
error, and exec exit 0 doesn't work either, throws an error.

> > so I had to use this new syntax.  Though more 
> > cumbersome, it is more logical because DRAFT is really a modifier,
> > not a rule itself. For example, 'gmake html draft' would never have
> > worked.
> What would have been the meaning of that command?

Nothing, but the point is that draft is a modifier and it isn't clear
from that syntax that draft is a modifier and not a target.

> Anyway, certainly you could write this to preserve the target:
> draft:
>       $(MAKE) html DRAFT=Y

The problem is that the 'gmake' recursion is done, but then returns and
runs the hhml again, so 'gmake draft html' calls "$(MAKE) html DRAFT=Y"
and on return from that, the html is called again and rebuilds, so it
isn't really draft.

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