> >> What about a "--enable-gprof" (or "--enable-profiling"?) configure
> >> flag? This could add the appropriate compiler flags to CFLAGS, enable
> >> LINUX_PROFILE if on Linux, and enable the "gprof/pid" mkdir().
> > That would really only work for GCC, wouldn't it?
> Well, yeah, but that's what many of us use anyway.  I would envision it
> as adding $(PROFILE) to CFLAGS, and then there would be one place
> to adjust "-pg" to something else for another compiler --- perhaps the
> template files could be given a chance to change PROFILE to something
> else.

I don't feel competent to muck around with configure.in (sorry, I'm not
tying to shirk the work, I've just never had any success in writing
configure/automake/autoconf stuff - I have the "leaping goats" book, but
I need a small meaningful example to start with).  

Can someone else volunteer to make this change?  And then forward the
patch to me so I can learn something useful about how to change
configure.in without breaking it?

            -- Korry

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