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Tom Dunstan wrote:
> Hi all
> Here is an updated version of the enums patch. It has been brought up to 
> date and applies against current CVS HEAD. The original email is at [1], 
> and describes the implementation.
> This version contains sgml documentation, and contains the missing 
> bounds checks and error codes noted in the last email.
> As mentioned before, the only part that I'm not super keen on is the 
> hack required to pass the type oid in to the text-to-enum cast function, 
> since normally those take type mods but not type oids. I wasn't sure how 
> else to get a cast working though, short of allowing another type of 
> cast function which accepts type oids as well. That seemed overkill for 
> just one case, though, and was getting a bit beyond the realms of what I 
> wanted to get done with this patch.
> Anyway, it's reasonably feature complete and should be appropriately 
> documented now, so feedback gratefully accepted.
> Cheers
> Tom
> [1] http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-patches/2006-09/msg00000.php

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