>>>> *** doc\src\sgml/install-win32.sgml        16 Sep 2006 00:30:14 -0000      
>>>> 1.29
>>>> --- doc\src\sgml/install-win32.sgml        2 Feb 2007 09:07:48 -0000
>>> Please don't do this :)
>> You know, I wish I didn't have to ;-) Unfortunately, the only way for me
>> to create a patch offline (like this one, on an airplane) is to rsync
>> the cvs repository down to the local drive, and run cvsnt on it - since
>> cvs does not support offline diff. And the only way to make it not put
>> in backslashes instead of slashes is do run the diff in the docs
>> directory and not in the root :-(
>> Does this actually cause a problem for you when you're committing, or is
>> is just that it looks bad? Because if it causes a problem I can manually
>> edit them out of my patches before I submit.
> It causes patch application problems, but I just edit the patchfile to
> fix it.  I could get fancy and have my patch script fix it too.

I was not aware it did. My apologies for keeping to send broken patches
then :-O I will try to remember to edit the paths before I submit from
this machine in the future.


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