Robert Treat wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 February 2007 23:35, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Robert Treat wrote:
> > > Can someone apply Jim's patch at least to HEAD and REL8_2_STABLE?  We
> > > recently got a report of a broken link on the website due to this; seems
> > > it is still broken...
> >
> > OK, we were aware that the URL was bad, but were trying to avoid
> > pointing to the cached version.  You will see that comment in the old
> > SGML.
> >
> > What I did was to point to the Citeseer page, but not into the cached
> > PDF.  I think the text saying "cached version" will make it clear people
> > have to click to see the paper, and we aren't deep linking into
> > Citeseer, which I think could be a problem, and the cached URL is one of
> > the longest I have ever seen.
> >
> As an alternative, if we could get a copy of the paper and permission from 
> the 
> authors, we could host it on 

I think someone tried that, but I am not certain.

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