Should we revisit xpath_array() for 8.3, or is this all in core now?


Tom Lane wrote:
> "Nikolay Samokhvalov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Here is the patch for contrib/xml2 (attached), that:
> >  - renames xml_valid() to xml_is_well_formed()
> >  - adds PG_MODULE_MAGIC; at the beginning of xpath.c
> >  - introduces xpath_array() function
> >  - adds some words about that function and caution about libraries to README
> I've applied the part of this patch that renames xml_valid() to
> xml_is_well_formed(), as well as the documentation fix.  The
> PG_MODULE_MAGIC problem was already fixed a few days ago.
> I did not apply the addition of xpath_array, on the grounds that
> it's well past feature freeze and there doesn't seem to be any
> consensus in favor of adding it now.  We should revisit this in
> 8.3 instead.
>                       regards, tom lane
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