Tom Lane wrote:
> Magnus Hagander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> If we just didn't add the serial number at the end, then it would be
>> impossible to create a shared memory segment for the same port again.
>> That protects the port and not the datadir. But what if we change the
>> name of the shared memory segment to be that of the data directory
>> instead of the port?
> That would help if there's only one possible spelling of the data
> directory path ... otherwise not so much ...

Well, we could run GetFullPathName() on it
( I think that
should work - takes out the "relative vs absolute path" part at least.

It won't take care of somebody having a junction pointing at the data
directory and starting it against that one, but that's really someone
*trying* to break the system. You wouldn't do that by mistake...

Seems worthwhile to you? If so I can take a look at doing it when I get
some spare time.


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