Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Joshua D. Drake wrote:
>> Peter Eisentraut wrote:
>>> Magnus Hagander wrote:
>>>> That also requires a "reasonable shell", which all platforms don't
>>>> have...
>>> I think doing any sort of reasonable scripting around psql requires a 
>>> reasonable shell.  Or next someone will suggest implementing loops and 
>>> conditionals in psql.
>> ... Now that you mention it :)
>> psql is a shell. It is the postgresql shell. I don't see any problem
>> with continuing to extend the postgresql shell to a more functional
>> platform that is independent.
> At least it'd help those poor people trying to do conditional COMMIT or
> ROLLBACK based on the transaction status.  Maybe it's not such a bad
> idea.
> On the other hand, seeing how the history line numbers patch is still
> nowhere to be seen, I don't think we should be expecting you to send a
> patch ... ;-)

No one would except it from me, I would just embed python ;)


Joshua D. Drake



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