On Sun, 2007-02-11 at 20:32 -0500, Greg Smith wrote:
> The attached adds two new command line switches to pgbench:

FYI, context diffs are preferred.

> -x:  Generate extended detail in the latency log, including a timestamp 
> for each transaction

I wonder if it's worth just making this the default.

> I generated the patch from the 8.2.3 release.  Since pgbench runs the same 
> way unless you pass it one of the new flags, I was hoping this would be 
> considered for the next 8.2 update.

Feature additions are usually severely frowned up in stable release
branches, but the standard for contrib/ changes is lower, and as you
say, there is no change in behavior if the options aren't used. I'm okay
with backporting it: if no one else objects, I'll apply this in a few


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