From: Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
CC: Pavel Stehule <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Subject: Re: [PATCHES] correct format for date, time, timestamp for XML functionality
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 11:37:31 -0500

Peter Eisentraut wrote:
Am Dienstag, 20. Februar 2007 16:54 schrieb Andrew Dunstan:

I'm not sure that we are actually guaranteeing anything about XML
validity against any schema or DTD, are we?

That is the "xmlschema" part of table_to_xmlschema() et al. recently discussed. That entire functionality hinges on producing output that validates against XML Schema schemas, and so we cannot pick the data type formats outselves.

Then why would we use a setting to govern this? Should we not simply ensure that we always output timestamps in XML using the correct ISO8601 format?

xsd knows datetime type. You can inherit it, and then you have to respect it. You can do own type, but you lost information, and any general scripts don't understand. I don't know why xsd doesn't iso format, but its simply fact. Please read this discussion:



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