On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 12:08, Tom Lane wrote:
> "FAST PostgreSQL" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > - The log output will be in COPY format and will include the following
> > information, irrespective of the log_line_prefix setting.
> > ( timestamp_with_milliseconds,  timestamp, username,  databasename,
> > sessionid,  host_and_port, host, proc_id, command_tag,  session_start,
> > transaction_id,  error_severity,  SQL_State_Code,
> > statement/error_message);
> How exactly are you fitting the message structure
> (primary/detail/context lines) into this?  It looks like your proposal
> loses that structure ...

Sorry, didn't understand.... Can you please elaborate ?

> A smaller problem is that this forces people to incur a gettimeofday
> call for every message logged; depending on your hardware that can be a
> pretty nasty overhead.  Some people might find some of the other columns
> not worth their weight, either.  Is it worth providing a knob to
> determine the set of columns emitted?

Totally agree. My original patch infact uses log_line_prefix. So the user can 
fill in the columns he wants by turning on appropriate settings in 
log_line_prefix. The columns which he hasn't turned on will be output as NULL 
in the sql outptut. 

But I can also see merit in others' request that it is ideal to have all 
possible info in the sql log, so that once the log is loaded into the table, 
it can be queried, sub-tabled, created view to analyze it in whatever way.....

Arul Shaji

>                       regards, tom lane
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