Patch applied.  Thanks.


Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
> Tom Lane wrote:
> > While testing it I realized that there seems to be a nearby bug in
> > _bt_findsplitloc: it fails to consider the possibility of moving all the
> > extant items to the left side.  It will always return a firstright <=
> > maxoff.  ISTM this would mean that it could choose a bad split if the
> > incoming item goes at the end and both it and the last extant item are
> > large: in this case they should be split apart, but they won't be.
> > 
> > Heikki, do you feel like looking at that, or shall I?
> I refactored findsplitloc and checksplitloc so that the division of 
> labor is more clear IMO. I pushed all the space calculation inside the 
> loop to checksplitloc.
> I also fixed the off by 4 in free space calculation caused by 
> PageGetFreeSpace subtracting sizeof(ItemIdData), even though it was 
> harmless, because it was distracting and I felt it might come back to 
> bite us in the future if we change the page layout or alignments. 
> There's now a new function PageGetExactFreeSpace that doesn't do the 
> subtraction.
> findsplitloc now tries the "just the new item to right page" split as 
> well. If people don't like the refactoring, I can write a patch to just 
> add that.
> Some of the long variable names look ugly. camelCase or underscores 
> between words would be more readable, but I retained the old style for 
> the sake of consistency.
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