Matteo Beccati wrote:

had some spare time and I've been finally able to install some tools to
compile PostgreSQL on my SGI Octane 2 box, which is running IRIX 6.5.30.

Afre succesfully installing gcc-3.3, gmake, readline and some other
freeware packages, I tried to compile PgSQL.

This is the configure line:

CC="/usr/freeware/bin/gcc" CFLAGS="-I/usr/freeware/include
-L/usr/freeware/lib32" ./configure

There were a lot of complaints about missing declaration for base
functions (i.e. malloc), and a few errors. The attached patch fixes the
errors and allows gmake to build all. There is no failure in the
regression tests.

Of course, the patch is just a hack. If anyone is wanting to properly
address it I could create and ssh account.

+ #include <internal/stdlib_core.h> +
This will break many, possibly most platforms. It is certainly absent on this Linux box.

+ #include <sys/file.h> +

Why is this needed?

Perhaps if you showed us the errors that result from not having these things we could judge better how to address them.



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