This is the first posting to the community of the WIP patch for the
Updatable Cursor implementation.


I want to confirm that the community is satisfied that the effort to date is
in a suitable direction and to get comments on the development to date.


The patch is in the following state:


The grammar definition is complete and 'yacc'ed to produce gram.y.c.


The functions transformUpdateStmt and transformDeleteStmt have been updated
to process the cursor name and obtain the related portal.


The change to save the current tuple id (ctid) into the portal, related to
the Fetch command has been done.


The ctids relating to the Update/Delete statements' TidScan are being
extracted to be saved in the executor.


The parts in progress are to complete the saving of the ctids from the
TidScan into a list stored in a file, plus related searching the list for an
individual ctid obtained from the Update/Delete statements.


Unstarted as yet:


1)            Correctly process, in the database, the Delete / Update of the
tuple from the cursor.

2)            To enable the cursor name to be defined as a parameter in a
PREPARE statement and provided as part if an EXECUTE statement.


The community may wish to comment on the following issue:


1)    At present the file that will contain the list of ctids is going into
a new directory called pg_ctids, analogous to pg_twophase, and also stored
in the pg_data directory.


John Bartlett

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