Resending once again, all my previous attempts seems to have failed.
Is there a limit on patch size on -patches as well ? Attached is
a gzipped version.

Hi All,

Please see the  version 4.0 of HOT WIP patch attached with the mail.
ISTM that this version has one of the most radical changes included i.e.
the line pointer redirection.

The patch should apply on the current CVS HEAD and pass all regression
tests. I feel that the patch is now in a stable state and I would
really appreciate if community folks can take a look at it and
provide comments/suggestions.

The VACUUM FULL is disabled right now. I am not aware of any design
issues for not supporting VACUUM FULL. I know its broken, but do
not want to hold back the patch while we fix it.

The most important change in this patch is the implementation of line
pointer redirection for handling dead root tuples. Please see my post
on hackers for details.

I would post some preliminary numbers in a separate email.
I would also post items where we need attention and discussion
and further work. I would welcome others to test the patch, for
correctness as well as performance.

Comments/suggestions ?




Attachment: NewHOT-v4.0.patch.gz
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