Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Tom Lane wrote:
> >> Perhaps the best thing would be to define an additional ereport
> >> auxiliary function, say errprintstmt(bool), that could set a flag
> >> in the current elog stack entry to control suppression of STATEMENT.
> >> This would mean you couldn't determine the behavior when using elog(),
> >> but that's not supposed to be used for user-facing messages anyway.
> > One idea I had was to set the high-bit of elevel to control whether we
> > want to suppress statement logging, but I think errprintstmt() might be
> > best.  I don't understand the ereport stack well enough to add this
> > functionality, though.  What should I look for?
> It wouldn't really be any different from errcode(), but if you want
> I'll do it.

If you would just add the infrastructure I can add the LOG part.

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