Are there any places in our code where we could use it?  If so, please
add that to the patch.


Neil Conway wrote:
> Attached is a patch that makes a minor addition to the StringInfo API:
> resetStringInfo(), which clears the current content of the StringInfo
> but leaves it valid for future operations.
> I needed this for an external project, but ISTM this would be worth
> including in mainline: I'd imagine it's a fairly common operation, and
> there's no easy way to do it at the moment. Clients can manually reset
> the StringInfo's fields, but that is poor interface design, as well as
> being error-prone: many people might just reset "len" and forget to
> NUL-terminate the data buffer and reset the cursor. initStringInfo()
> could be used, but it reallocates the StringInfo's data buffer, which is
> often undesirable.
> -Neil

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