Updated patch:

I went through the "high traffic" areas and levelled them up to using the new
macros to avoid "detoasting" smaller arguments. They key areas are really
btree operators since they have a noticeable effect on sorts, especially index
builds, when the data being sorted fits in memory.

There is a bit of a name-game here. The macros I made are called
And the datatype macros are, for example,  PG_GETARG_TEXT_PP() and
DatumGetTextPP()  -- short for "packed pointer".

Maybe not the prettiest names in the world but clear and I've found them
pretty easy to spot when I'm looking for inconsistent use of
VARSIZE_ANY<->VARDATA for example. I thought of PVARSIZE/PVARDATA (for
"packed") but I'm afraid it would camouflage such cases.

Anyone have any better ideas? If not I'm satisfied with them... 
Except maybe VARSIZE_ANY_EXHDR() which seems too long.

I got to almost everything in varlena.c and varchar.c so that includes text,
bpchar, and bytea as well as varchar's few procedures. That includes probably
more than I really needed to, but as long as the datatypes are working with
bytes it's convenient enough.

Also, I replaced my tweaks to hstore and pg_trgm with Teodore's.

And of course updated CVS.


I'm going to be putting this aside for a little while. I think it's really
done. There's more that can be done of course, hit inet and numeric with the
new macros, for instance. But I want to see what happens when it gets reviewed
before I do that kind of bookkeeping.

One thing that I've left in there again is the htonl/ntohl macros in the
big-endian case. It really makes sense to either remove them or remove the

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