> > Here's a patch to add some more data to pg_stat_database. Turns out it
> > was a lot easier than I thought - especially after reading Alvaros mail.
> > Luckily I think he was wrong this time ;-)
> This seems like the wrong way to go about it.  Why not compute these sums
> on demand by scanning the stats tables, instead of bloating the stats
> collector traffic even more?

Stats traffic should not be affected at all. It just user the same messages 
already there to increase a couple of global counters per database. The only 
that increases is that the stats file gets another 5 counters per database. 
Given how few databases you normally have compared to number of tables, I would 
think that should be pretty trivial.
Scanning them on demand will require loading the whole stats file into the 
backend instead of just the current database, which I considered more bloated..


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