Stefan Huehner wrote:
attached patches marks several char* variables as const where they are
initialized with constant strings.

I really wonder how much value there is in using the "const" modifier very widely. "const" for function parameters is valuable (because it adds information about the function's behavior to its interface). It also makes sense to use "const" on global variables, when it reduces the size of the binary's data segment. Beyond that, you reach the point of diminishing returns fairly quickly, IMHO. (In C, anyway; it makes more sense to use it widely in C++, of course.)

I also don't see the value in modifying the regexp code, as that is just an import of Henry Spencer's regexp package. I'm not sure whether we're planning on merging any upstream changes any time soon, but making cosmetic changes to the RE code will only make that more difficult.

Anyway, I'll apply this tomorrow without the RE changes, barring any objections.

BTW, the preferred format for patches is context diffs, not unified diffs.


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